How to bias a mesh that is swept

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I have 3 volumes that are imprinted and merged and I am trying to set a bias on the upper and lower volumes such that they propagate to a tighter mesh, to match the middle piece (yellow disc in pic). My interest is FEA on the middle piece and where the three volumes meet is where I need the mesh refined.

I have web cut using a plane and a cylinder through the 3 volumes so I could utilize hex elements and the sweep function. However, when I try to use the bias function I am not able to get the upper or lower volume to mesh with a bias. I have tried before and after doing a sweep function to mesh them, so I am not sure I am using the bias function correctly. I had no problem going through the tutorial that does this, but I was not able to get my volumes to mesh with a bias; any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, I always appreciate everyone’s help in these forums.

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Here are the steps to create a biased mesh like the one shown.

  1. Define the bias on a curve in the cylinder
    a) You may need to reverse the sense of the curve by using the modify curve sense panel accessed via the following button.
    b) After reversing the curve sense you can use the Curve Bias button to take you back
  2. After setting the bias on one curve you need to propagate the bias to other curves in volume or across surfaces.
    a) Bias propagation only works on mapped surfaces.
    b) I found I could propagate around the cylindrical volume
    c) But, I had to select the surfaces of the spherical volume.

Here is a journal file that creates a simple case similar to your problem.

create sphere radius 5 zpositive
create cylinder radius 2 z 12
webcut vol 1 tool vol 2
delete Volume 2
webcut volume 1 with plane xplane offset 0
webcut volume 4 1 with plane yplane offset 0
imprint vol all
merge all

# define mesh on curves on the cylindrical surface
curve 8 interval 12
curve 8 scheme bias factor 1.15
propagate curve bias Volume 3

# define mesh on curves on the spherical surface
curve 10 interval 12
curve 10 scheme bias factor 1.15

# reverse curve 10 orientation
curve 10 tangent opposite

# propagate the bias across the spherical surfaces
propagate curve bias Surface 32 36 29 23
mesh vol all


Awesome! Thank you Karl, worked perfect. Much appreciated!