How Can I generate a inner crack (seam) using cubit?

Hello, Everyone!
I would like to use Cubit to generate a geometry with initial cracks.

But the surface and crack are always independent when I do the calculations.
How can I generate a case with a crack cutting of the surface?
Thanks a lot for anyone’s help.

Hi @GuoGUO,

Welcome to the forum. If you are given a finite width for the crack as shown in this problem, I might create the mesh model as shown in the following commands.

create surf rect width 1 height 1
create surf rect width .01 height .1
subtract body 2 from 1

compress  # This is just so that I can work on surface with id 1
surf 1 scheme trimesh
Curve 5 7 interval 4
mesh surf 1

Is this what you are looking for?