Headless mode & MPI on clusters

Hi All

Quick two questions.

Can one still run Trelis in headless mode with the -nographics option? My license server is playing up otherwise I would just test it immediately.

Another one is slightly more philosphical. I have access to a 4000 core cluster and I was going to see if I could do some scaling studies with Bolt, but its not clear to me how,

  1. I would launch trelis with nographcs and with my own MPI settings?
  2. How would trelis get my machinelist (in the olden days it was called a machine list) or the list of machines to run on?
  3. I must run via a queuing system, has anyone done this using PBS before?



Regarding the question regarding Bolt:

  1. Don’t use Bolt. Its version of Sculpt (the core algorithm) is old.
  2. Instead, get the Trelis Pro version which ships with a current version of Sculpt.
  3. Read the documentation about Sculpt. It will explain how to run Sculpt from the command-line, outside of Trelis. There is a sculpt.exe in the /bin folder. The documentation tells you how to set up the input files.
  4. If desired, you can use the Sculpt GUI in Trelis Pro and have it write out the input file to Sculpt. That may be easier than building the input file yourself.