Get the element ids for a specific surface after Sculpt Parallel

Hi all,

Recently I used the command “Sculpt Parallel” to mesh an irregular surface volume. It works well.
However, the volume after meshing, the surface will become only one surface.
Here is an example

cubit.cmd(‘brick x 100 y 70 z 70’)
cubit.cmd(‘sculpt parallel vol all size 5’)
cubit.cmd(‘disassociate mesh from volume 1’)
cubit.cmd(‘delete vol 1’)
cubit.cmd(‘create mesh geometry Hex all feature_angle 115.0’)

after sculpt parallel meshing, the surface became only one
My question is, how do I get the element id for boundary condition for a specific surface?
For example, the “bottom” side

Thanks for your help

I’ve share this question inside of Coreform. Here are some ideas:

  1. use extended parsing and hope that the surface can be defined by some coordinate frame. Something like list element with x_coord > 10 ids
  2. Read in the documentation about Mesh Based Geometry, which is what you have following the ‘create mesh geometry’ command.

Creating Mesh-Based Geometry on Import
3) Have you tried defining sidesets before running ‘sculpt parallel’? Will those sidesets be retained during your entire workflow? If so, can they be used?

Homework: a) read about extended parsing; b) read about mesh based geometry; c) dig deeper into the documentation on Sculpt.

Hi Randy,

Even I still not very clear all of your ideas,
The first point is working well in my case.
I will try to understand all of your hints.
Thank you for your useful reply.