geometry resolution or representation issue?


What I really trying to get at the end is a rectangle geometry with one corner “chopped” off or missing in the shape of a 90 degree arc with a small radius of 2.5e-4.

How I proceed about this is:

  1. create rectangle solid
  2. create cylinder with a radius 2.5e-4
  3. Subtract cylinder from the rectangle solid.

It work but when I look at the final volume, but geometry near the “arc” is not curvy but instead 2 straight lines. See figure small_arc_geometry_pic.png.

It’s quite concerning. I am not sure whether this is due to graphic resolution or the actual representation of the mesh.

My hunch is that this is due to the graphic resolution because the issue does not occur when I cut the rectangle with a larger radius cylinder.

But I just want to be sure that the issue is due to graphic resolution.

Another related question: What is the best way to mesh such small?
When I tried using pave scheme but it seems that don’t capture the curvature arc quite well. See figure small_arc_geometry_pic.png


I suspect this is a graphics resolution issue. In ‘small_arc_geometry_pic.png’ you are seeing the real geometry curve in orange. You can adjust the curve smoothness with this command:

Graphics Tolerance [ [ANGLE|distance] |Default ]

Try something like “graphics tolerance angle 5” or some other angle value to see if it makes a difference.