Geometry Creation of a Crack - Fracture

I want to create a simple geometry, for example, a brick, with a crack, a single fracture in it.

I created the brick, and now I want to create the fracture. Can Trelis do that?

I do not want the crack to go all the way till the end of the brick. For example, if the length of the brick is 10 ft, I want the crack to end at 7 ft. I tried to use different geometry entities, and then use boolean subtract, but it is not working the way I want.

What geometry entity would you recommend to use to create a crack?

Also, if the brick is set to be a porous medium, is it possible to mesh and set permeability and porosity values?

Here is a journal file that shows an example of what I think you are looking for. Either copy and paste these commands into the journal editor or just paste them into the command tab at the Trelis> prompt.

We do not currently support setting permeability or porosity.

#----- Begin Trelis Journal File ----

create a 10 x 10 x 10 cube (brick)

brick x 10

There are various tools for cutting up the geometry. Here I use two different

ones just for an example, General Plane and Coordinate Plane.

webcut body 1 with general plane location 0 -2 0 direction 0 1 0
webcut body 1 with plane xplane offset 0 rotate 20 about center 0 0 0

Imprint maps boundary curves between the various volumes or bodies

imprint all

#Select one of the surfaces on the fracture. Make sure your filters are set to

pick surfaces. Pick a point that projects into the fracture normal to the screen axis.

Use the tab key to cycle through surfaces along that vector.

I didn’t find this option easily in the GUI, so from the command prompt, type

surface 17 merge off

merge all other surfaces in the model, so that you have a conformal mesh

merge surface all

mesh the volumes

mesh volume all

verify that there are coincident nodes in the correct locations but not everywhere else!

topology check coincident node volume all tolerance 1.0e-6 draw brief nogroup

I think you may misunderstand his meaning, he just like to generate a finite surface, rather than the infinite plane by webcut.
Is there anyone who can help with this?
Thank you!

Hello, did you solve this problem?

I also would like to find an available method to generate such geometry.
Can anyone help me with this question? Thanks!