Free license activation not working

Trelis Version: 2020.2
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04
What can we help with?

I signed up for the free coreform cubit license and downloaded the code. When I run the code:

  1. the cubit activation window initializes right underneath the splash screen, and cannot be raised above it. I got around this by using the desktop UI to move the activation window.

  2. after entering the product key, leaving it in node-locked mode, and clicking Activate, it returned the error: Failed to checkout features from the license file. Attempting to run the code again sends me back to the same activation window.

Also, when I look at “My Licenses” on your website, it lists my license as Floating type, which is different from the instructions of this being a node locked license.


Also, forgot this one, if I attempt to just type the license key into the activation window field, the window disappears and the code segfaults. Again, using the desktop, pasting the key into that field works, but results in the error described above.

Thanks for your report, we’re aware of the crash issue on certain systems and we’re working to fix it.
As for the activation failing, can you paste this URL into your browser please:

You should see a page like this:

RLM Cloud - hosted license servers for RLM.

[Visit Reprise Website at](

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Yes, I see that page.

Is there any update on that topic? Because I end up having the same issue as described above (with the same platform).