floating license installation

How exactly do you install a trelis floating license. I found no information in the manual

Trelis can be used by multiple network users with the number of concurrent users limited to the number of floating licenses.

  1. The Trelis license manager is included with Trelis and is installed along with Trelis. The Trelis trial comes with a 30-day provisional license. After the provisional license expires, Trelis can be activated using a product key.
  2. Install the Trelis license manager on the server or network computer that will act as the license server. The license server must be accessible to all network computers that will run Trelis.
  3. Activate the license using the product key. This is done using a browser on the server or computer that is the license server. Navigate to the activation portal found at csimsoft.com/activate.jsp.
  4. Install Trelis on the network workstations.
  5. When a network workstation launches Trelis, it will look for the license server for an available floating license.

Note: Some anti-virus software prevents the license manager to be installed during the installation of Trelis. You may need to disable the anti-virus during installation.