Finding body id based on surface name that it contains


I am looking for a way to get the body name and its id using a surface that belongs to this body. For example, in the image below I would like to get the body id number (111) based on the surface name (Tear_Fault_13@A).

Let me know if you anyone knows how to do this using python. Thanks!


You can use the Cubit “in” keyword. In the regular Cubit command language you can do

draw body in surface with name “Tear_Fault_13@A”

You can implement this in python using the parse_cubit_list method.

body_id = cubit.parse_cubit_list(“body”, "in surface with name ‘Tear_Fault_13@A’ ")

Note the use of the single quotes embedded inside double quoted string to represent the surface name.


Hi @karl,

Thank you, this solved my problem.