FEA Feature: Simultaneous Application of Force and Pressure


I am posting to ask quick questions about Cubit’s boundary condition features.
As an example, I want to apply shear force (red arrows below) and uniform normal pressure (blue arrows below) simultaneously like in the image below.

Is it possible to apply both conditions (shear force & uniform normal pressure) simultaneously?
If yes, is there a way to make the boundary conditions visible on my Cubit screen like the image I attached above?

If possible, I would appreciate it if you could describe the procedure step-by-step.
Thank you for the assistance!

First make sure the BC visibility is on by either selecting the toolbar icon
or typing in the command line

set BC vis on
In FEA BCs/Pressure create the pressure on the surface.

Select apply by vector in the FEA BCs/Force/Create panel. This will allow you apply the shear force

There is only one glyph drawn per entity. I tried selecting pressure on individual quadrilateral faces but the glyphs were very small.