Failed to checkout features from license file

Hi,when I use the Cubit Activation in Ubuntu 20.0.4 , type the “cubit-learn”,its doesn’t work and show me Failed to checkout features from license file.
So I use the rlm_activate.After “Activation Successful”,back to Cubit Activation,also doesn’t work.

If you will help me,I will thank you.

Hi @xhq,

Unfortunately, there is an untraceable bug in the licensing service we use, that is causing some Linux systems to be unable to activate Coreform Cubit Learn. We have submitted an issue to our license management service, but in the short-term, you’ll need to either request a trial-license (the issue doesn’t occur with node-locked licenses) or use a Windows/OSX system.

Much thanks for your reply,how can I get the trial-license?

You can follow the link here: