Exporting mesh and materials file with openfoam

Hello I am trying to export a mesh using in the openfoam format.

I am using this python command

cubit.cmd(‘export openfoam ‘+short_output_location+’ overwrite’)

This successfuly creates a boundary, faces ,neighbour, owner and points file

Unfortunately it does not make a materials file

I am assigning materials in trelis using this python command

cubit.cmd(“block 1 material '” +material_name+"’")

However it is not being carried over to the openfoam export

any advice on fixing this so the material of each element is also exported would be great



Unfortunately, materials are not currently supported in the OpenFOAM exporter. We have added this to the development plan.

Thanks for the reply, I shall keep an eye out for the feature in future releases.



Any chance this was added?

There have been no additional enhancements for OpenFOAM support.