Exporting line elements

Along with exporting the mesh to various formats (especially .unv) I also want to export the line elements.
Such as a column between two slabs of a building.

Is it possible to do this, if it is how?


You could export the mesh that is on the curves to a .unv file like this:

brick x 1
mesh curve 1 3 5 7
block 1 curve 1 3 5 7
export ideas ‘line_elements.unv’ block 1 overwrite

If you need a different element type for curves, you can specify it with this command:

Block <block_id_range> Element Type [Axisymmetric]
*** Nodes: *** {spring}
*** Curves: *** {bar|bar2|bar3|beam|beam2|beam3|truss|truss2|truss3|flatquad|
*** Surfaces: *** quad|quad4|quad5|quad8|quad9|shell|shell4|shell8|shell9|hexshell|flatwedge|flathex|tri|tri3|tri6|tri7|trishell|trishell3|trishell6|trishell7|
*** Volumes: *** hex|hex8|hex9|hex20|hex27|pyramid|tetra|tetra4|tetra8|tetra10|tetra14}

I hope this helps,