Exporting Facet File


I import an existing facet file and then remesh the surface with a coarser mesh.

Import facets "/Users/radar/SSE/Nicoya_Topo_interface.fac" merge stitch
eading facets...
Building facet-based geometry from 7224 facets...
256 facet vertices on model boundary detected that could not be merged.
Body successfully created.
  Number of new vertices = 4
  Number of new curves = 4
  Number of new surfaces = 1
  Number of new shells = 1
  Number of new volumes = 1
  Number of new bodies = 1
WARNING: Volume generated does not completely close. 3D meshing (ie. hex/tet) will not be permitted.
Hint: In some cases the "stitch" option on the import command may correct the problem.
Geometry engine set to: Facet Geometry Engine version 10.0.0
Journaled Command: import facets "/Users/radar/SSE/Nicoya_Topo_interface.fac" merge stitch

mesh surface 8 Matching intervals successful. Meshing Surface 8 (Surface 8) Generated 657 tris for Surface 8 (Surface 8). Surface 8 (Surface 8) meshing completed using scheme: trimesh
It meshes fine within the Trelis interface. However, when I go to export the new mesh to a facet file it exports the same original mesh elements not my new mesh.

export facets "Nicoya_test.fac" surface 8 overwrite 
Successfully wrote 7224 facets to file: Nicoya_test.fac
Journaled Command: export facets "Nicoya_test.fac" surface 8 overwrite

What is the best way to go about this?


The export facets command does not export mesh. There are a couple options here:

  1. Export an stl file containing the mesh, using the ‘mesh’ option
    export stl ‘file.stl’ mesh

  2. Create meshed-based geometry from the existing mesh to export the facet file:

import stl …
#mesh surfaces with triangles
#mesh volume with tets
volume 1 scheme tetmesh
mesh vol 1
disassociate mesh vol all
delete vol all
create mesh geometry tet all
export facets ‘my_facets.fac’ overwrite