Exported as Abaqus

Dear Coreform Team,

I have a model that I would like to export as Abaqus. The issue is that when the size (and the number of elements) are large, part of the nodes are not exported (usually nodes 1 to X is not written into the exported node file, the X value depends on the model size). Attached is my journalFile.

I would appreciate your thought/help on this. Thanks a lot!
Karimjournal.txt (2.3 KB)

I realised when i use “Compress ids all”, the numbering is corrected…
still, i would appreciate your thoughts! thanks

Hi Karim,

When I run your journal file in Cubit 2021.11, I see that 6483180 nodes are exported. When I look at the node file, it contains 6483180 lines. Those seem to match up. The node file indicates that the first node id in the mode is 3845. Executing

list node 1 to 3844 ids

gives the error

ERROR: No entity in the range 1 to 3844 was found.

The refinement operation may replace node 1 and other node ids. If you want your nodes to labeled from 1 to N, you should use the compress command.


Thanks Karl,
yes I think using the compress command was what I needed, because for my mode the ID should start from I to N.