export to genesis file (hex27)

Hello csimsoft,
I have encountered a problem when I wanted to export mesh blocks to the genesis file. I can do that with the default element type (Hex8) with no problem. However, when I changed the element type of the blocks to Hex27, which is required in the CFD code that I use, I have got the following error.

WARNING: The model contains 90 nodes (and their attached elements)
that will not be written to the genesis file.
This may indicate a problem in element block assignments.

It says that there are some nodes and corresponding elements that are not assigned to the blocks.
Nevertheless, this seems to have something to do with the type of element in the mesh as I have no problem with exporting type hex8 blocks.

Just wondered if someone could help me on this issue.


Would you be able to upload a journal file with an example of this?

Thanks for the reply!
Actually, the issue was solved after I figured out that there were a set of elements which were copied (in the same place) and caused the problem. In fact, there was really a set of elements which was not assigned to the block.