Export mesh to ABAQUS and blocks show up under ABAQUS tree

I’m trying to export a mesh from CUBIT into ABAQUS. In order to conveniently assign a certain set of elements a section in ABAQUS, I would like to create blocks of elements in CUBIT, and be able to select these blocks in ABAQUS.

However, I am unable to select the blocks I created in CUBIT in the ABAQUS Section Assignment menu. I believe this is because the blocks I created in CUBIT show up in the assembly => sets of ABAQUS, and ABAQUS is looking in the part => sets menu.

My question is: Is there are a command in CUBIT that allows one to export the mesh into ABAQUS and have the blocks created show up in the Parts => Sets menu?


If you are using the command

    export abaqus "file.inp" partial 

to export to Abaqus, the keyword “partial” tells Cubit to export only nodes and elements (no blocks). Removing this keyword from the command will fix your issue.

That fixed the issue. Thanks.