Export/Import ACIS with Attributes


I am using both Trelis 16.0 and Cubit 15.2, and have recently been trying to export my .trelis files to ACIS .sat files, to then reimport into Cubit. In my Trelis work, I have several groups that need to be saved and reimported into Cubit, so I have been exporting with attributes to save these groups. However, when I reimport (with attributes) that .sat file into Cubit, none of the group information is available. I am not sure if this is an issue with exporting on the Trelis end or importing on the Cubit end, but somewhere along the way this group information has been getting lost.


You might try explicitly turning on the attributes. Try this:

#in Trelis
brick x 1
group ‘jack’ add vertex all
set attrib on
export ‘jack.sat’ over

#in Cubit
set attrib on
import acis ‘jack.sat’
list group

Yes, importing and exporting explicitly via the command prompt does work. It appears that the GUI checkbox for turning attributes on does not work.

Got it. Thanks for point this out. I’ve submitted it.

The problem has been fixed and will be released in the 16.1.2 maintenance release. Thanks again.