Error while exporting to Openfoam format


I would like to export my mesh directly to Openfoam format, but Trelis ignores my boundary conditions. My boundary file looks like this:

version 2.0;
format ascii;
class polyBoundaryMesh;
object boundary;


First of all, I have putted all surrounding surfaces to 7 (and not 8) boundary conditions, which consist of 4 walls, 2 inlets and 1 outlet, but – as you can see – the boundaries are not exported properly to the Openfoam format. I can also use the opportunity to export the mesh to fluent format, to convert it via fluent3DToFoam, but since all my simulations are crashing, I would prefer the direct export to Openfoam format.

Im using Trelis 15.1, is there any known bug regarding this?

A short update:
I have tested two additional cases. In one case the boundaries are exported correctly, but in all three cases the “owner” and “faces” files have far to less entries compared to the files, which are converted via fluent3DToFoam.

It would be very helpful if we could get an example journal file that illustrates the problem. Would that be possible?