Dear administrators,
My license has stopped all of a sudden. I have a student license for Coreform Cubit 2020.2 Win64 and as per my account information, it’s valid till 15-11-2021.

All of a sudden it prompted me to enter the activation key and shows me the error as in the image below.

I sincerely request you to please help to overcome this issue at the earliest!


Since it was not working, I clicked deactivate below and then Yes; will it be a problem ?


Thanks with kind regards,

@Aakash There should be a folder called licenses in your Cubit installation directory. Could you please include all files in that folder here?

Hi Mr. Scot,
Thank you for your quick response. Since it was very urgent for me, I immediately switched to the 30 days trial version. But now my worry is that after 30 days will I be able to switch back to the student version ? If yes, what would be the tenure for my student license ?

Please advise

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You will be able to switch back, yes. The student version just requires that you reactivate yearly.

Thank you so much for your kind support Mr. Scot :relaxed:

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Actually my 30 days trial preriod has now expired and I am switching back to cubit learn. Can I ask if cubit 2020.2 is the only version available for cubit learn ? Is there any later version also availabke for cubit learn ?

Please respond

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All versions are available for Cubit Learn.

great, thanks…!