Do I have to be root in order to install on Linux platforms?


A quick question: I have just downloaded a 30-day free trial version of Trelis-16.5.2 which will be installed on a company’s Linux machine under my own personal directory. I tried rpm package, it requires the root privilege, so I downloaded the debian version.

The question is whether I can install Trelis myself, or I HAVE TO ask for the IT to install for me? The only reason I do not ask for IT is not to wait around for they see trying out a new package as a lower priority task for them.

Thank you for your prompt help.

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Chi-Yang Cheng
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Applied Materials, Inc.

Just to tell you that I have successfully installed it by using rpmcpio and cpio commands on the Linux machine. So no need to look into it.

The following will work on the Trelis rpm for Linux:

$ rpm2cpio /path/to/Trelis-16.5.2-Lin64.rpm | cpio -idv

It’ll extract the rpm contents into the current directory, and create a ./opt/Trelis-16.5/ directory containing the Trelis installation.

What you don’t get with this approach is the integration with the run menus. To do this, the ./opt/Trelis-16.5/share/applications/*.desktop file can be modified and installed with xdg-desktop-menu, even as a non-root user.