Demonstration/Trial version

Is it possible to get a demo or trial version of the IGA Software to check the capabilities and how it scores over conventional FEA? Any real time examples? The academia normally have the benchmark stuff which is good but not comparable to complex geometries the industry deals with

Hello and welcome, @ajaytaneja! The latest release of Coreform Cubit, 2021.4, has IGA included in the package. U-splines are integrated into Cubit and are available for use with either our free trial or educational licensing. The coreform_iga solver is also included in the same package, but requires a separate license. If you want to try out the coreform_iga solver, you can contact

What is Coreform Cubit? What are its capabilities? IS it a preparation of the model for an Isogeometric analysis?

Coreform Cubit is a general meshing preprocessor with support for quad, tet, and hex elements. U-splines are also experimentally supported, and can be used for isogeometric analysis. See for more answers to common questions.