Curve Fillet_Error

I have two lines, let’s say with id 1 & 2. They are are connected at a point. I wish to fillet the two lines at their connection (please check image below, i wish to fillet at the RED vertex). I am using the following command:

Tweak Curve 1 2 Fillet Radius 1

It’s giving an error “Attempted get of empty DLIList”. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


Cubit does not currently support fillets on free curves. We have a sketching tool on the schedule that will resolve this issue.

With the current version you must create a surface and fillet at the vertex. Here is an example of a workaround.

create curve location 0 0 0 location 1 0 0
create curve location 0 0 0 location 0 1 0
create curve vertex 2 4
create surface curve 1 2 3
tweak vertex 1 fillet radius .25
delete surf 1 keep
del curve 3


That’s a smart way to workaround. I have one more query, after the above operation, there are now 3 curves in total. Is it possible to unite them into a single continuous curve ?

Thank you !

You can combine curves if they have first derivative continuity. In this case they will meet that criteria.

In the GUI the option is under Geometry/Curve/Create/Combine

create curve combine curve 1 2 4 delete

The delete option deletes the internal vertices as well as the original curves.

That addresses my queries neatly. Thanks again :slight_smile: