Cubitctl in Coreform Cubit 2020.2

What happened to cubitctl. This used to be a convenient way to run .jou files from the command line. I cannot seem to find it in the latest Cubit.

Hi @dschwen!

Iā€™m not familiar with cubitctl (perhaps @karl is?) but the way that I execute .jou files from the command line is:

coreform_cubit -nographics -batch <journalFile>

In Windows, the coreform_cubit that you run from the command line ends with .com, not .exeā€¦ so on Windows this command would be: -nographics -batch <journalFile>

You can find more information about the execution syntax in the online documentation here.


cubitcl was a command line only version of Cubit and brought up a CUBIT> prompt. On Linux the equivalent was cubitx.exe.

It looks like brings up a python prompt. With the -batch option it will play a journal file correctly.

Is there some functionality that you are missing?

No the -batch option is just what I was looking for.

(for my version on mac the command is Coreform-Cubit-2020.2 -nographics -batch)

Thanks for the super swift reply!