Cubit Surface Selection

Cubit 2021.5

Ive just discovered your extended surface selection options, which are amazing by the way, real life changer, how long have they been present btw? How many hours have I lost when I could’ve been using it. For those of you not in the know, right click on a surface when selected and there are many options for automatically selecting surfaces.

I want to know if you folks have an easy way to select all exterior surfaces of a body, in my case conceptually thats all surfaces which are not merged, and dont ‘belong’ to another group. For example, imagine one has a set of cubic shells, i.e. a box with an interior surface, say I have thousands of them, I would like to be able to automatically select all the exterior surfaces. I think the best way to describe it would be for me to say I would want to apply an ‘atmospheric pressure’ boundary condition, everywhere air can get to.



Hi Andy,

The selection tools have only been available in the last couple of releases. We are still refining them and there are plans to make them available during more operations.

If you want to select surfaces that are not merged you can use the is_merged extended parsing keyword. For example, from the command prompt you can type

draw surface with not is_merged.

You can enter the string with not is_merged in any picking widget in the GUI and the command will be entered using that string as the selection set.