Cubit plugin loading issue


I am experiencing issue with loading plugin into Cubit 2021.4.
when starting Cubit, it seems that the plugin starts to load and then I get:
...Interrupt Detected. CUBIT Exiting... [1] 330538 segmentation fault (core dumped)

I believed at first the problem came with our implementation of the plugin (that is working fine with Cubit 2020.2 and earlier version), but I have the same problem when loading an example plugin provided with Cubit 2021.4.
I have tried CGMPlugin that I build locally, can’t run cubit with the plugin in, but it is working just fine without…

I also don’t know how to get more information about the crash (gdb seems not to be working with cubit…)
any help would greatly be appreciated !
Thank you

@bmouginot I’m sorry to hear that, I’ll look into this issue. Coreform Cubit does ship without debug symbols, so that’s why gdb doesn’t print out much information. You should still be able to get some kind of callstack though.
What version of Linux are you running? What compiler are you using?

I am running on ubuntu 20.04 using gcc 9.3.0

(also most of the time I build my plugin in a docker environment so I don’t get “pollution” from my local setup…)

it seems I was missing the -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0 flag.

that used to be required for 17.1 but not for Cubit 2020.2 …