Cubit Learn on Windows server

Howdy all,

I would like to use Cubit on a Windows server but when I start the program, the graphics window is disabled. Is there an option in Cubit or Windows (Server 2012) that anyone can suggest I look into? I’m using Cubit Learn 2020.2. Thanks.

David H.

One of our IT gurus will get right back to you.
I don’t know the precise answer, but these issues usually end up with an OpenGL setup issue.

@scot @kaleb - Any suggestions?

@david.holler Can you open up a cmd prompt in your Cubit installation’s bin folder and execute these instructions please:


Please paste all the output here.

Hi Scot, I have attached the output below.

C:\Program Files\Coreform Cubit 2020.2\bin>set CUBIT_VERBOSE=5
C:\Program Files\Coreform Cubit 2020.2\bin>
[2021-02-23 14:50:50.521] [app_logger] [info] Using gui
[2021-02-23 14:50:50.694] [app_logger] [error] Could not find ARB attribs
[2021-02-23 14:50:50.696] [app_logger] [info] Trying OpenGL fallback
[2021-02-23 14:50:50.855] [info] RLM session initialized
[2021-02-23 14:50:50.856] [app_logger] [debug] RLM Diagnostics at 02/23/2021 14:

RLM version: 14.1BL3
RLM platform: x64_w4
OS version: 6.2

ISV name: csimsoft
Hostname: BETA
User: dmholler
Working directory: C:\Program Files\Coreform Cubit 2020.2\bin


    RLM_LICENSE=<not set>
    RLM_NO_UNLIMIT=<not set>
    RLM_PATH_RANDOMIZE=<not set>
    RLM_PROJECT=<not set>
    RLM_QUEUE=<not set>
    RLM_ROAM=<not set>
    RLMSTAT=<not set>
    HTTP_PROXY=<not set>
    csimsoft_LICENSE=<not set>

RLM hostid list:

    30eef89c uuid=47513848-0036-2500-905C-0025905CE34E disksn=0026fc7a909052

92e100c60b20084030 disksn=00c3a88a90905292e100c60b20084030 0025905ce350 0025905c
e34e 0025905ce34f 0025905ce351 f4521444f671 0a0027000012 ip= ip=10.7

License files:
C:/Program Files/Coreform Cubit 2020.2/bin/licenses\cubit-learn.lic

rlm_init() parameters:
1: C:/Program Files/Coreform Cubit 2020.2/bin/licenses
2: C:/Program Files/Coreform Cubit 2020.2/bin/

Local licenses which can be checked out:

Client Cached Licenses (only the highest version # shown):


In license file C:\ProgramData\Reprise\csimsoft
      (no server)


In license file C:/Program Files/Coreform Cubit 2020.2/bin/licenses\cubit-le

(customer “cubitlearn1” server at:


Roaming Licenses:


[2021-02-23 14:50:51.417] [app_logger] [debug] Pushing fid: 1, trelis
[2021-02-23 14:50:51.417] [app_logger] [debug] Pushing fid: 4, trelis_core
[2021-02-23 14:50:51.418] [app_logger] [debug] Pushing fid: 2, trelis_fea
[2021-02-23 14:50:51.420] [app_logger] [debug] Pushing fid: 3, trelis_cfd
[2021-02-23 14:50:51.927] [app_logger] [debug] Feature trelis status: 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:52.430] [app_logger] [debug] Feature trelis_core status: 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.210] [app_logger] [debug] Feature trelis_fea status: 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.731] [app_logger] [debug] Feature trelis_cfd status: 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.731] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_id = 1
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.733] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_data->valid
= 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.734] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_id = 4
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.735] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_data->valid
= 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.737] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_id = 2
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.738] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_data->valid
= 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.740] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_id = 1
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.741] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_data->valid
= 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.743] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_id = 4
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.744] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_data->valid
= 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.745] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_id = 2
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.746] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_data->valid
= 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.756] [app_logger] [info] Logged in
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.764] [app_logger] [info] Python version 0 selected
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.766] [app_logger] [info] Looking for Python
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.766] [app_logger] [info] Python version 2 libname is C:\Pro
gram Files\Coreform Cubit 2020.2\bin\python2\cubit_python2.dll
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.771] [app_logger] [info] Python not already initialized, in
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.772] [app_logger] [info] Setting program name to coreform_c
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.773] [app_logger] [info] Application directory is C:\Progra
m Files\Coreform Cubit 2020.2\bin
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.775] [app_logger] [info] python_lib path: C:\Program Files
Coreform Cubit 2020.2\bin\python27.dll
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.776] [app_logger] [info] python_dir: C:\Program Files\Coref
orm Cubit 2020.2\bin
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.787] [app_logger] [info] Found embedded python
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.788] [app_logger] [info] PYTHONHOME set to C:\Program Files
\Coreform Cubit 2020.2\bin\python2
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.841] [app_logger] [info] Version 2 interpreter found
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.845] [app_logger] [info] Cubit python initialized
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.846] [app_logger] [info] Starting broker
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.847] [app_logger] [info] Passing control to MachineControl
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.865] [app_logger] [debug] Dealer::restore_settings: loading
QSettings from : C:/Users/dmholler/AppData/Roaming/Coreform/Cubit.ini
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.867] [app_logger] [debug] Supervisor::Impl::load_plugins: L
oading plugins from QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath : C:/Program Files/Core
form Cubit 2020.2/bin
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.868] [app_logger] [info] Loading plugin from path C:/Progra
m Files/Coreform Cubit 2020.2/bin
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.873] [app_logger] [info] Attempting to load: cubitcomp.ccl
[2021-02-23 14:50:53.873] [app_logger] [debug] ClaroPlugin::load: loading: C:\Pr
ogram Files\Coreform Cubit 2020.2\bin\cubitcomp.ccl
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.058] [app_logger] [info] Supervisor::Impl::load_plugins: Lo
aded component: cubitcomp.ccl
Supervisor::Impl::load_plugins: Loaded component: cubitcomp.ccl
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.060] [app_logger] [debug] Registering plugin components
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.061] [app_logger] [info] Attempting to load: cubitcompgui.c
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.061] [app_logger] [debug] ClaroPlugin::load: loading: C:\Pr
ogram Files\Coreform Cubit 2020.2\bin\cubitcompgui.ccg
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.070] [app_logger] [info] Supervisor::Impl::load_plugins: Lo
aded component: cubitcompgui.ccg
Supervisor::Impl::load_plugins: Loaded component: cubitcompgui.ccg
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.072] [app_logger] [debug] Registering plugin components
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.604] [app_logger] [debug] Pushing fid: 1, trelis
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.605] [app_logger] [debug] Pushing fid: 4, trelis_core
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.605] [app_logger] [debug] Pushing fid: 2, trelis_fea
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.606] [app_logger] [debug] Pushing fid: 3, trelis_cfd
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.606] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_id = 4
[2021-02-23 14:50:54.607] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_data->valid
= 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:55.584] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_id = 3
[2021-02-23 14:50:55.585] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_data->valid
= 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:55.586] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_id = 2
[2021-02-23 14:50:55.586] [app_logger] [debug] has_feature: feature_data->valid
= 0
[2021-02-23 14:50:55.644] [error] Could not find ARB attribs

@david.holler That error “Could not find ARB attribs” means that your graphics driver doesn’t have features that Cubit requires. Could you please try updating your graphics drivers? Does that server instance have a dedicated graphics card? We’ve had issues with integrated graphics in the past.

I don’t know if this is applicable and it is old, but it also shows that others have had issues with OpenGL on Windows Servers in the past.

Good morning all,

Thank you for your input. This issue was resolved by updating the graphics drivers and installing the latest version of DirectX. The Windows 2012 server in question has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card.

David H.

Howdy all,

Since my Cubit install works, I’d like to help it perform the best I can. Are there any ways to improve Cubit performance on Windows or Windows server platforms? Does parallel meshing work for the Cubit Learn version? My Windows server has a lot of memory that can be put to use. Thanks and please let me know if I can provide further information. Thanks.

David H.

The only limitation for Coreform Cubit Learn is the export limit of 50,000 elements. In the tet meshing command panel you can set a switch to run the parellel tet mesher. As I understand it, the mesher is using multiple threads. All of our other meshers are single threaded.