Cubit Component

I’m following the SDK documentation for Components (Cubit-SDK/comp_how_to.html) and trying to implement a simple Python based component (with essentially no content at this point).

import broker

class TestComponent:
   def start_up(self, withGUI):
      print(f'Loading {TestComponent.__name__}')
   def clean_up(self): 
      # Notify the framework that clean up is complete.
   def interrupt_progress(self):
      # Interrupt the currently running component process.

According to the above page a pure python component should be possible. If I understand the page correctly there should be a Tools>Component menu item to manage components. This item does not exist. I’ve tried adding the folder containing the above script to the plugins manager, but this does not work either.

Alternatively, it states a script should exist. Searching my installation, this file does not exist.

Can anyone give some insight into this?

hi @pcristini ,
unfortunately it will still take sometime before the dev’s can take a look at the python component topic.

Have you tried to create a component with C++ ?

Hi Norbert,

I haven’t had much opportunity to explore C++ components/plugins, however they look straightforward enough. Hopefully in the coming few weeks I’ll have a chance to try something out.