Creating spline curve with more than two points


I posted this in Geometry, but there has been no response.

Since Trelis 15.0, I am no longer able to specify a spline curve with more than two points (not sure if this was true in Trelis 14.0 or not). For example, when I try the following:

create curve spline location -50000.0 0.0 0.0 location 20000.0 15000.0 0.0 location 30000.0 20000.0 0.0

the resulting curve only includes the last two points. Previously, I was able to create spline curves with 100-200 points, but this is no longer possible. My temporary workaround is to first create the vertices and then use those to create the spline, but it is much slower. What has changed that this is no longer possible? I have tried this on both the Linux and Mac versions of Trelis 15.0 and 15.0.1.


I see that this worked through the last version of Trelis 14, but not in 15.0. It is assigned to a developer to look at.

Thank you.