Creating Nodesets from internal surfaces

How do I create a nodeset when it isn’t easy to select the nodes on a model with hundreds of surfaces?

One ways is to use groups.

Example setup

bri x 10
create surf rect width 5
create surf rect width 2
surf 8 move z 2
surf 7 8 scheme trimesh
mesh surf 7 8
vol 1 tetmesh respect tri in surf 7 8
vol 1 scheme tetmesh
mesh vol 1

Find coincident nodes and put them into groups

quality check coincident node surf 7 into group “surf7nodes”
quality check coincident node surf 8 into group “surf8nodes”

Remove surface nodes from groups so that only the ones associated with

the volume mesh remain.

group surf7nodes remove node in surf 7
group surf8nodes remove node in surf 8

Create nodesets from the remaining nodes

nodeset 1 node in surf7nodes
nodeset 2 node in surf8nodes

Alternatively, put all of the nodes corresponding to internal surfaces

into a single nodeset if desired:

quality check coincident node vol 1 into group “vol1nodes”
group vol1nodes remove node all except node in vol 1
nodeset 3 node in vol1nodes