Creating Custom Command Panels - Query on marker.txt


I was following the steps outlined in doc: to create a custom panel.
However I could not find the sample format for the marker.txt file . Could someone please share the format of the sample marker.txt file?

Or Is there any place where I can download the sample discussed in the document?

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Amal Sebastian Alex

The only contents of the marker.txt file is the value of the Navigation Node’s marker argument in the XML file on the following step. For example, from the example:


The contents of marker.txt is simply:


Thanks for the quick reply.

I have updated the GeometryCreationNavigation.xml file as mentioned in the document. However, I am not finding the new command in the command panel. I have not created a panel.ui file yet. But as per the documentation, I am expected to see the command listed in the dropdown.

I am using Coreform Cubit 2020.2.0.

The navigation reference path is set as: "NavigationReference path=“Geometry/Create/Volume” in the GeometryCreationNavigation.xml
In the screenshot attached in the documentation, UI also follows the same path. Geometry -> Create -> Volume. However, For the 2020 version I am using, the UI is following the path, Geometry -> Volume -> Create

Could this be the issue?

Yeah, I’ve been doing this “alongside” you… it does appear that we have a few bugs to address (we’ve been doing a lot of work on this functionality).

I think you may have to delete your configuration file and then restart Cubit. On Windows this configuration file is found here:


Deleting this file will reset things like your GUI options, “recent imports”, etc.

Let me know if this works for you!

Yes… After deleting the configuration file, the UI is now reflecting the changes in the GeometryCreationNavigation file.

Also, the UI has gone back to following the Geometry-Create-Volume path.


I have tried creating the Qt file, But it is not reflected in UI.

This view is same whether we have panel.ui file or not.

My command marker:
<NavigationNode name="Splitterbeam" marker="MySplitterBeam"> <Label>Splitter Beam</Label> <ToolTip>Create a splitter beam</ToolTip> <Icon url=":/cubitgui/i22volume.png"/> <Search>volume;create;splitter;beam</Search> </NavigationNode>
marker.txt has MySplitterBeam

I’m going to take a look at this a bit more in-depth with @randy (hope to have a response later today). In the meantime, something to be aware of is:

  1. Action-based – notice how the navigation goes:
    Geometry -> Operation (action) -> Entity
  2. Entity-based – notice how the navigation goes:
    Geometry -> Entity -> Action (operation)

These two navigation options are supported by separate XML files that are stored within their respective directories:

To ensure that your panel is supported by both navigation modes, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve added your XML code to their respective XML files.

  • For the action-based-xml directory this file is: GeometryCreateNavigation.xml files
  • For the entity-based-xml this file is: GeometryVolumeNavigation.xml