Creating a curve creates new vertex IDs!

Dear all,

I run the following commands to create 8 points and create 8 lines connecting those points:

create vertex 479842.55952188896 1509876.4400844313 0
create vertex 479844.3774463736 1509875.4293071795 0
create vertex 479844.4479462968 1509875.422623407 0
create vertex 479844.45824695297 1509888.398978563 0
create vertex 479844.3407460971 1509888.410117196 0
create vertex 479844.3212869822 1509897.3415524177 0
create vertex 479841.82184418145 1509898.41522667 0
create vertex 479841.8282593893 1509876.7881889883 0
create curve vertex 1 2
create curve vertex 2 3
create curve vertex 3 4
create curve vertex 4 5
create curve vertex 5 6
create curve vertex 6 7
create curve vertex 7 8
create curve vertex 8 1

Strangely, this creates new vertex IDs replacing old IDs. Initially I have the vertex IDs 1 to 8, but after creating curve, I have vertex IDs 1 to 16!

Am I doing something wrong? I would greatly appreciate your help.

Version 2022.6 on Linux

Hom Nath

Hi Hom Nath,

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. It looks like Cubit is creating a new vertex id at the start location of an existing curve. The vertices are correct if you just do

create curve vertex 1 2

but when you execute

create curve vertex 2 3

vertex 9 is created at the location of vertex 2.

You can resolve this in two ways.

  1. merge vertex all will merge the adjacent vertices and just leave you with vertex 1 through 8.
  2. create surface curve 1 to 8 will create the surface and delete the duplicate vertices.

I would suggest option 2 if you are going to create a surface anyway.

Do I have an answer as to why Cubit is creating a new vertex? No. It does seem odd as you have noted. I will add this as a potential bug.


Hi Karl,

That works perfectly!
Thank you so much!

Hom Nath