Coreform-Cubit-2022.6 error on ubuntu 21.10

Coreform Cubit Version: 2022.6
Platform: Ubuntu 21.10

When running ./coreform_cubit I have this error:

[2022-07-19 12:46:39.583] [app_logger] [info] Using gui
[2022-07-19 12:46:39.913] [app_logger] [trace] rlm_dir: /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/licenses:/home/hbui/.config/Coreform/licenses
[2022-07-19 12:46:39.913] [app_logger] [debug] /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/licenses:/home/hbui/.config/Coreform/licenses
[2022-07-19 12:46:39.920] [app_logger] [debug] RLM initialized
[2022-07-19 12:46:39.920] [app_logger] [info] RLM session initialized
[2022-07-19 12:46:41.922] [app_logger] [error] No logins were valid: -1
[2022-07-19 12:46:43.122] [app_logger] [error] dlopen error: /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/libcfplugincomp.ccl /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/./././ undefined symbol: opal_delay_abort
[2022-07-19 12:46:43.122] [app_logger] [error] Error loading component libcfplugincomp.ccl:
Error loading component:

[2022-07-19 12:46:43.407] [app_logger] [error] dlopen error: /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/libcfplugingui.ccg /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/././ undefined symbol: opal_delay_abort
[2022-07-19 12:46:43.407] [app_logger] [error] Error loading component libcfplugingui.ccg:
Error loading component:

[2022-07-19 12:46:43.918] [app_logger] [error] dlopen error: /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/libcoreformcae.ccg /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/././ undefined symbol: opal_delay_abort
[2022-07-19 12:46:43.918] [app_logger] [error] Error loading component libcoreformcae.ccg:
Error loading component:

[2022-07-19 12:46:44.253] [app_logger] [error] dlopen error: /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/libcubitcomp.ccl /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/././ undefined symbol: opal_delay_abort
[2022-07-19 12:46:44.253] [app_logger] [error] Error loading component libcubitcomp.ccl:
Error loading component:

[2022-07-19 12:46:44.588] [app_logger] [error] dlopen error: /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/libcubitcompgui.ccg /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/././ undefined symbol: opal_delay_abort
[2022-07-19 12:46:44.588] [app_logger] [error] Error loading component libcubitcompgui.ccg:
Error loading component:

This error does not happen with 2021.11 on the same machine.

From the error it looks like we’re loading conflicting MPI libraries from multiple locations. Do you have anything in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable?
You can take a system call log like this:

strace -o debug_cubit.txt /opt/Coreform-Cubit-2022.6/bin/coreform_cubit

Please attach the generated debug_cubit.txt file.

Yes, my system has a separated compiled mpi defined in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Below is the debug file:

debug_cubit.txt (6.0 MB)

We ship OpenMPI 4.1.3 with Cubit 2022.6. Your version of MPI must match the version we ship with 2021.11 otherwise 2021.11 wouldn’t work either. Try running coreform_cubit like this:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH="" ./coreform_cubit