Coreform at IGA 2019

Coreform will be sponsoring and giving several presentations at IGA 2019 in Munich in a couple of weeks. We’re also looking to hire to grow a European presence for Coreform when Florian heads back to France next year.

We’ll share our presentations here once they are prepared. Also, if you look at the agenda and see any talks of interest, let us know and we’ll try to attend on your behalf and report back here if you’re not able to go yourself! This should be an interesting conference!


I really wanted to go to this but international travel is too far for me to validate without being a presenter.

If you guys would check out this one in the Fluids

Adaptive isogeometric analysis of elasto-capillary fluid-solid interaction
E.H. van Brummelen, M. Shokrpour-Roudbari, T.H.B. Demont, G.J. van Zwieten, J.H. Snoeijer and H.M.A. Wijshoff

The “Industrial Applications” session, which Coreform seems to have a lockdown on, is also interesting.

The 2020 IGA conference is on my list of things to do but I need to have some presentation material to ride out there so to speak. Perhaps I will have to see how the next year goes.

Thank you!

Yes we’ll check that one out and report! Thanks Clint!

Notes from the conference: 176 attendees from 30 countries.

8,909 IGA citations so far in 2019 - already more citations than in all of 2018 and on pace to continue the exponential citation year-over-year growth of IGA

IGA 2020 will be Oct 18-21 in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Question to Tom Hughes after his keynote: What is the biggest missing piece for IGA to “cross the finish line”? His answer: development of commercial tools. He referenced Coreform material a couple of times during his presentation.

Jessica Zheng is about to open source some of her volumetric parameterization work she did for Navair.

Stefan Hartman from Dynmore just gave a nicely put together presentation on the current state of IGA in industry and the groups he is working most closely with. I thought this forum would be interested in his perspective. There has been great progress over the past year and a number of companies, notably Coreform, Beta CAE, and Elysium jumping into the game and starting to provide preprocessing solutions for IGA so more sophisticated problems can be run in DYNA. Given this progress, I predict at the next IGA conference there will be another leap forward.

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I just had a nice chat with Artem Korobenko, a professor at Calgary who studied with Yuri. He is the lead organizer for IGA 2020 at Banff Canada and is very interested to have a strong industrial presence at IGA 2020, with an industry day, industry panel, etc. We’ll be working with him closely, I hope many of you can come to this!

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I presented on U-splines at the IGA Conference last week in Munich. For those of you who are interested, here are my slides! In PDF:

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I updated the settings so that anyone with this link should be able to view. (Slides from U-splines presentation at the IGA Conference in Munich, 2019)

Here was the presentation I gave at the IGA 2019 conferencecoreform IGA 2019.pdf (4.9 MB)

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Thanks for sharing! @steven, I have to ask: what’s the story behind the rubber ducky? :laughing: