Coreform 2022.4 Bug

Coreform Cubit 2022.4
Fedora Core 36

I’m fairly sure I’ve found a bug regarding the ‘side’ command, so one can use the command side so for example

Cubit>side 1 add surf 1
Added Surface 7 to sideset 1

When renaming a sideset the side command is not expanded/alias with sideset so,

Cubit>side 1 name "bob"
ERROR: Syntax error in "side" command.
       At least one line ID must be included in command.

Where as

Cubit>sideset 1 name "bob"
Finished Command: sideset 1 name "bob"

Is fine.

I presume this is a bug since, I can’t think if any case where you would want it to be inconsistent?


I can confirm your finding. I will try to figure out why this is happening and see if can be easily fixed.