Community input for short course topics

We are in the process of gathering material for our upcoming short course on spline-based simulation, and we want to be sure to cover topics of interest to our users.

Please reply to this post with topics that you would like to see covered and we will take them into consideration. More information on the short course can be found at:

Here’s a few topics we’d be interested in covering:

  1. Plasticity, a specific question that has been asked is:

    • Prevailing wisdom suggests the use of low-order h-refined elements for plasticity problems (e.g. better to have 8 linear elements than 1 8th order element when you want plasticity captured). So how does smooth-spline address this topic?
  2. Contact

    • Best practices / rules of thumb
  3. Applying various boundary conditions on smooth-splines, e.g.

    • Point loads

    • Moments

    • Coupling to reference points?

  4. T-junctions vs tied elements

  5. Explicit dynamics

We had some office visitors last week who echoed your question #3, Greg. So I’ll add a “+1” for that.