Closing the three sides of a surface

Hi and thanks for considering my question,
I need to close the two sides and upper part of the this surface so that I can includ it inside a bigger cube and then subtract. I do not know how I can turn the following surface into a volume so that three open sides turn into new surfaces. Here I attach an image of the surface and how it looks like inside the cube. Please let me know if you need more information on this.


Hi @haleh,

I have a number of questions. Let’s start with these.

  1. How is this surface defined? Is it a CAD surface or is it from an STL?
  2. What is the end result that you are modeling? Are you looking to model just the exterior region bounded by the surface? Or do you need to model both interior and exterior to the surface region?
  3. Can you share the surface model with us?