I wish to clip the volumes so as to see the cross-section as a solid rather than as a surface as depicted in the image below in order as to better visualize the transition of mesh between volumes.

Is it possible ? Please advise

Also, is it possible to set the orientation of the clipping plane by specifying angle/position with respect to some reference ?

With regards,

Hi Aakash,

Clipped volumes are not capped. That is just something that has been really low priority since users typically want to see the mesh anyway. This appears to be your case as well. Issue the command draw hex all to draw all the hexes and let the clipping plane display the hexes.

There is not a way to specify the clipping plane orientation. I play around with the widget until I get what I want.

– Karl

Perfect, draw hex all along with clipping helps me see the solid elements rather than shell like appearance. That is what I exactly wanted.

Thank you!