Changing Trelis / RLM port number

How do I change the port number for RLM for a network installation of Trelis?

There are three port numbers, and their default values are:

5053 - rlm
5054 - rlm web interface
5055 - csimsoft

The rlm port can be changed by editing the .lic file.
HOST localhost ANY 5053

The csimsoft port can be changed by editing the .lic file
ISV csimsoft port=5055

NOTE: You can only change the HOST and ISV lines of the .lic file. Changing anything else will break the .lic file and it will not work.

The rlm web admin interface port can be changed by passing a "-ws " argument to rlm when starting the server. It can also be disabled by passing the -nows argument when starting the rlm server.