Change mesh scheme from trimesh and tetmesh to map for complex geometry

Dear developers,

I find some difficulties to change the mesh scheme in my model. I have a previous complex geometry model which was successfully meshed using specific mesh size on each curve and used trimesh for the surface, also tetmesh for the volume.
I need to change the mesh scheme using map for further simulation but it always failed.

Is it possible to get any helps to solve this?
I am not able to post the script here due to private reason. I am wondering if there is another option to provide the script.

Thank you in advance.
Alvina KK

Hi Alvina,

I have seen cases where higher order nodes on the boundary mesh caused issues when trying to change surface mesh schemes. You can contact us at for help with a confidential model.


Dear @karl ,
I have sent my scripts to

Thank you in advance.

Alvina KK