Cgns Export file type issue

when i try to export my generated mesh in .cgns format it does not work, there seems to be a problem with the exporting, it does not work, in the command line i get:

Cubit>export cgns “C:/Users/srive/geomet/xys.cgns” overwrite

ERROR: Could not export the data to a file.

ERROR: cgns is not a valid type of file to be exported.

Enter ‘help export’ for the allowable types of file

and when type help export also there is nothing for cgns.
Please suggest some help.

I am able to only export the mesh in .msh file type for now

Hi @vaths,

this seems to be a bug that the export command is missing. I already reported this to the dev’s.

In the meantime you could probably use an older version of cubit like 2021.11
In this version the export should work.

Thank you for responding, but I am on a 30 day activation trial and received an activation licence which is one time, would I be allowed to access an older version? and if not what would be the alternative…?

Yes. Using the older versions should be possible as long as the license is not expired.

I found the bug and fixed it already. The fixed version will be available to download tomorrow at Coreform Product Downloads under Latest Development Version.