Can cubit support 2D element division?

Hello cubit expert, I am a beginner to cubit. I now want to divide a two-dimensional entity. Can cubit be implemented ?

Hi @Fisher007,

Can you give a little more information on your problem? Do you want to create a 2D mesh? Do you want to do Boolean operations on a 2D surface?

Below is an example using Cubit’s command language to create and mesh two surfaces. You can paste these commands into the command window or paste them in the journal editor and execute them.


create surface rectangle width 10
create cylinder radius 2 z 2

# Perform a Boolean operation between a sheet body (surface) and a volume
subtract body 2 from body 1

# Divide the sheet body in half
webcut body 1 plane xplane
merge all

surface all element type quad
mesh surface all

I thought of another case for dividing elements. Given a triangle mesh, I can do local mesh refinement at
a single triangle, or refine an edge, as shown in the images below.

There are other refinement options in Cubit depending on the element type.