Bug with Renumber GUI button

There’s a bug with the renumber command in the control panel. When “renumber elements” is checked, the renumber elements command does not get executed.

Let’s see if we can help. Could you give more information? Is there an error or warning in the command window? Which panel are you using? Is it Mesh–Volumes–Renumber?

We’d like to see if we can reproduce this. Can you share a simple journal file and describe what you are doing when you encounter the bug?

For example:

bri x 10
mesh vol all
Then use the ___ command panel to renumber the element. Select Volume 1, then check “Renumber Elements” and enter __ as the starting number.

Sorry for the long delay! I was assuming I would get an email if a reply was made to this post, but I must not have my forum membership settings configured correctly.

This bug has been fixed in the new releases of Trelis. Thanks for addressing this!

  • Stephen