Bug in 16.5: vanishing blocks

Today I updated from 16.4 to 16.5.0 . I was able to define blocks and nodesets and sidesets in Trelis 16.4 without any problem. But when I load the file in 16.5.0 , the defined blocks vanish after a while, when I define new nodesets.

When I click on the defined block in model tree, I get the error message: No entity with ID 1 was found, although the blocks were defined correctly previously.

When I load the same file in 16.4, everything is defined correctly.

Are you aware of this problem? Do you want the Trelis file?

Best regards,

Yes, the file would be helpful.

I uploaded the file in the attachment. If you load the file in Trelis 16.4 all blocks and nodesets are defined correctly, but if you load the file in Trelis 16.5 it produces problems.
When I click on each block, the error “No entity with ID 1 was found.”

Ok it doesn’t work to upload a file with extension .trelis. How can I upload the file?

I believe the issue is resolved. Please try to upload the .trelis file again.

Ok I forgot to reply. In the attachment you will see the file.
bug_blocks_nodesets_v16.5.trelis (1.17 MB)

There appears to be an issue in the Model Tree. The nodesets and blocks are still there, but not visible. Try right mouse clicking on the tree and Refresh Tree. Refreshing toggles the visibility on and off for some reason. I have submitted this to be fixed.

Thanks for reporting this.