2 versions of Cubit Learn with one license possible?

I just started with Cubit Learn on Win 10. I installed 2020.2 which is what appeared in the download tab of my account. It activated and works properly. I noticed in that tab that there was a new download page, clicked on that and noticed that 2021.3 was now out. I downloaded that, did a default install to a new directory other than the 2020.2 one. I started it and entered my Learn code, and it started…just once. Now, 2020…2 still starts and works, but 2021.3 does nothing. I click to start, I get the hourglass for a few seconds, then nothing. No activity on task manager, no error messages. I’ve tried reinstall, and it starts once after reinstall, then won’t anymore. All the while, 2020.2 continues to work
Is one unable to run 2 different versions of Cubit Learn on a single license, or can you only have one version on a given computer? Of course, I don’t run them at the same time.

You certainly can, however you’ll need to download your updated license for 2021.3.

You can read our release notes using the link below, but the short answer is that we’ve completed our migration to a CalVer versioning scheme, which will allow license files to work for previous versions of Coreform Cubit through the next year of updates - at which time you’ll need to download a new license file. Unfortunately, this won’t work for past versions of Trelis, but should work for Coreform Cubit going forward. So essentially, if you download your updated 2021.3 license you will be able to use this same license file for the following versions:

Coreform Cubit 2020.2
Coreform Cubit 2021.3
Coreform Cubit 2021.4
Coreform Cubit 2022.3

However, you will need to make sure to copy the license file from a previous installation’s bin\licenses directory into your newer installation’s bin\licenses directory. We’re currently investigating potential options that would further simplify this process, however.

OK, but I’m not sure how I download an updated license for the free Cubit Learn program. When I requested the free learn license, the account page that was created gave me a product key that I entered into the 2020.2 license page. Do I have to request a new free license and instead install 2021.3 and put the different product code in that install?

Sorry - I misread your earlier post and didn’t read the “Learn” portion of it! We may need to rev licensing there… let me check with a few people and get back to you (hopefully) soon!

So at this point, the Learn version license will only work on 2020.2?

New news. I discovered that I could get 2021.3 to start in windows using the learn version pass code, but only when I started it as administrator, not as regular user. 2020.2 doesn’t require that.