Welcome to Coreform's Forum for Spline-based Analysis!

Welcome to Coreform’s forum for the spline-based analysis community and users of Coreform software. This is a central hub for members who are just learning about spline-based analysis for the first time all the way to seasoned experts to collaborate together and share exciting results.

What you can expect to gain from participating in this community:

  • See the results of new findings and technology as it’s developed before it reaches the public.

  • Ask questions and receive answers about spline-based methods and it’s differences from traditional CAE methods.

  • Get help using Coreform software, and see previously answered questions.

  • Give feedback and suggestions that can improve Coreform software.

If you have specific questions for any member of the Coreform team you are welcome to @mention any member of our team to start a conversation!

Current Coreform Team:

Matt Sederberg - CEO
Luke Engvall - Head of U-Splines development
Michael Borden - Head of solver development
Kevin Tew - High performance computing
Michael Scott - Expert in IGA
Derek Thomas - Inventor of U-Splines
Pulama Bhattacharya - IGA Contact
Kyle Richardson - Spectral analysis, solver development
Florian Maurin - Element formulations, solver development
Zhihui Zou - Locking free shells
Mitch Horton - Customer problems
Steven Schmidt - U-Spline development
Caleb Goates - Lattice structures
Kaleb Olsen - Product development
Christopher Whetten - Solver development