Very basic trouble with example problems

I am trying to work through the example problems that Coreform provides and I can getting some errors, that in my novice-ness, I am not sure what it means or how to troubleshoot it. This example is trying to exectute the CFrame example problem and I am left with the “error importing uuid 1”, “error exporting to string uuid1” following by PETSC error which I feel may be propagated from the previous errors. I feel as though I might be missing something basic about my approach. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

The *_geom.json file contains the uspline geometry generated by Cubit, correct? You should instead pass in the user_input_language_cframe.json file into coreform_iga, with the *_geom.json file in the same directory. The user_input_language_cframe.json file contains the simulation parameters and includes the _geom file.

I think I have the json file worked out but now I am encountering a different error. I have pasted it below. Any help in deciphering this one?

Try it again, the RaytheonDemo folder’s owner was root, I just changed it to raytheon.

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I think that did it! Thank you for the help. Now the fun begins (or at least the adventure into more interesting errors)!