Parallel CoreForm IGA solver

Does CoreForm IGA solver work in parallel? if not is there any plan to provide one?

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At the time of this message it does not run in parallel. However there is active and ongoing work to support parallel-compute. For instance, we use the PETSc solver library which supports MPI, GPUs via CUDA, HIP/OpenCL, hybrid MPI-GPU parallelism and runs on the world’s largest supercomputers. We just haven’t made this parallel compute capability available to users yet.

Additionally, we recently proposed and were awarded an SBIR project titled: “Integrating MFEM For Commercial IGA Simulation Acceleration”. MFEM is a library from Lawrence Livermore National Labs that was built around high-order methods and extreme parallelism – it’s part of the US DOE’s Exascale Computing Project.

Thanks for the reply.

When do you think the parallel capabilities will be available? either with PETsc or MFEM

We are still early in our investigations of MFEM - so while we’re optimistic, there’s no guarantee. However, MFEM has strong support for PETSc. So in the case we move forward with MFEM it will probably be an integrated MFEM-PETSc solution.

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