Options for Stress field outputs?

Are there other field outputs that I can implement into an IGA analysis at the moment? I saw a mention of ‘maximum_principal_stress’ in the error output when I tried to change ‘displacement’ to anything else. Upon changing the field variable to ‘maximum_principal_stress’ I got a new error snipped below. Also attached is my attempt at redefining the displacement field output to be a stress output. Thank you in advance.

PS, is there a user manual for Coreform_IGA? And are there additional Quadrature point selections besides QP1 (I assume that is 1 integration point per ‘element’).

			displacement_field_output: {
				name: "field_output",
				database_name: "TensileCoupon",
				database_type: "pvd",
				output_interval: "output",
				field_variable: "maximum_principal_stress",
				sets: [ "whole_part" ]

After reading through the error message this morning I noticed that it says the field output I have attempted isn’t supported yet. Is there a field output to get the standard stresses out of the model at this point?

Sorry for the confusion. We currently support output of displacement, velocity, and acceleration, but not stresses.