Nuclear fuel simulation shown in IGA webinar

Hello all,

I am interested in the example simulation of nuclear fuel shown in one of the IGA Webinars. Would someone be able to put me in touch with the authors of those results? Many thanks.

David H.

Hi @david.holler,

Many of us at Coreform contributed to various aspects of those simulations. However, none of us have domain expertise in nuclear reactors or fuel-rod simulations – that expertise came from the MOOSE team at Idaho National Laboratory.

If you don’t mind asking (and are allowed to ask on a public forum) on this forum your questions regarding those simulations, we can then answer here for the benefit of the entire community and then also direct you to the people who can best answer those questions.

Hi,where can see the IGA Webinars. i also interested in the nuclear fuel

That’s reasonable, Greg. I apologize if I over-stepped. Is it possible to get a trial version of Coreform IGA?

Zhao, the webinars are at

@david.holler - you didn’t overstep at all, sorry if I gave you that impression! I just wanted to make sure I put you in contact with the right people. We’re more than happy to have conversations with you directly, I’ll be in touch via email shortly.

We don’t yet supply “conventional trial versions” of Coreform IGA, as it’s still under heavy development. But we’d be happy to talk to you about your specific problem and the current capabilities of Coreform IGA, to see if it’s currently a viable solution for your purposes or identify development areas.